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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Mother's hopes & prayers..

(A note I posted on MCKK's website on 6 Jan 2011)

Alhamdulillah, I've successfully registered my son in Form 1 in MCKK yesterday (5 Jan 2011). Am inspired by the welcome speech delivered by the MCKK's YDP Pengerusi PIBG, Dato' Aminuddin Md Desa. He said the focus & objective of MCKK is to groom and produce leaders who are sensitive to the community and people.
There are 118 students selected for 2011 Form 1 intake, and there are potential national leaders amidst this crowd. He urged for all the students to foster rapport & bond with not just 1 or 2 but with all 118 students, as they are not just going to be together for 5 years (until school finishes) but the bond of brotherhood will last a lifetime. And I believe that, being a product of a boarding school myself.

To be an effective leader, one needs to get down on the ground. "Kalau setakat duduk rumah banglo mewah, aircond keliling, bilik sorang 1, macamana nak jadi pemimpin yang peka kepada rakyat & sekeliling. Kalau ada ibubapa yang risau anak tak cukup makan, atau tak cukup tidur sebab kena bangun awal jam 4pagi, adalah lebih bagus dibawa balik ke rumah di mana ada bibik untuk membuat segala kerja2, ada astro, internet, bilik tidur aircond, dsb. Bersekolah di asrama penuh, tidak sesuai".

And I agree with Dato'. I said this based on my own experience coming from a full boarding school.

As a mother, it is only natural to be sad to part with my baby, especially knowing that he has to make it on his own & I'm not physically present by his side. But that's life, there are times when we need to be on our own, independently standing alone, to live/survive. And this separates the boy from the man. And I am more proud that my son has been chosen and given an opportunity to be a commendable leader some day, insyaALLAH.

As a parent, I pray that ALLAH grant all our sons (especially the 2011 Form 1 intake who started a new phase in their lives) with all the blessings, and may He ease their days, grant them His strength, resilience, health, wealth, joy, happiness & may all of the boys become great leaders & ALLAH's Caliphs.

May ALLAH also ease the MCKK Pengetua, his management/teaching staff, to fulfill their promises & achieve all their noble objectives for our sons. Amin.

Yushida Yusuf
6 Jan 2011


  1. Hey stranger! been quite some time since I read ur blog..TQ for the support